You must have heard about the location tracking applications that give you access to any device’s location. They are useful and provides you an easy way to track someone remotely. However, most of those applications are not safe for your smartphone. 

On the other hand, most of them do not work on non-rooted or jailbreak devices. Hence, we found the solution that works for everyone and provides excellent services at an affordable price.

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Before we go ahead and tell you about the application, here are a few things about location tracking.

How is Location Tracking Possible?

There are different methods to track the location of a smartphone. You can use the parental control feature or a phone monitoring application to do that. Unfortunately, the parental control feature does not provide many options to track a device.

However, you can easily track someone’s location by using a phone monitoring application. Therefore, we will discuss the second method to do it.

Here’s the application that will help with the task.



As we mentioned earlier, here is the best application that allows you to track any device’s location. Millions of people trust Spyine and use this application to solve their problems. However, this application offers some advanced features also. Hence, It depends on your requirements which feature you’ll be using, and for what purpose.

Spyine is a web-based application with a simple yet attractive layout that’s pretty convenient and responds quickly to every action. You can track the location of any smartphone with different methods by just verifying the targeted device. Additionally, your data and identity will be protected by Spyine from the owner’s smartphone or anyone else during the monitoring.

Therefore, You don’t have to worry about leaking your data. It is 100% secure to track the location of any device with this application. Create an account for free and start gaining monitoring experience.


Best Location Tracking Application (Works for Everyone)


According to your requirements, these are some of the best advanced features that will allow you to track the location of any device remotely. All of these features are easy to understand and suitable for everyone.

Stealth Mode

This feature will keep you anonymous while monitoring the targeted smartphone. It means that you can monitor any Android or iOS smartphone without letting them know. You’ll be able to read texts and any social media messages secretly. 

Additionally, this feature will allow you to check other targeted device activities like locations and location history, media files, browsing history, and much more in the same manner.

Location TrackerBest Location Tracking Application (Works for Everyone)

Here is another excellent feature of Spyine. Location tracker allows you to monitor the real-time location of the device you’ve been looking for. This feature provides a consistent location of the device via GPS and WIFI tracking. Hence, it is 100% accurate. Additionally, you’ll be able to see their addresses, neighborhoods, and geographical coordinates in 3D street view.

SIM Tracking

This feature works pretty much the same as the location tracker. However, it tracks the SIM card to locate the device. It‘ll show you the real-time location based on its network remotely. Additionally, you can check the details of the SIM card like the IMEI number or carrier operator. All of these details can easily be check from any web browser.

How to Locate someone’s smartphone With Spyine

Now it has become much easier to track the location of any device. Spyine will allow you to locate both Android or iOS smartphones remotely. However, the following process doesn’t require Jailbreak or root to verify the device and start monitoring the location. You just need to follow three easy steps.

Step1: Create an Account

The first step would be to create an account on the official website of Spyine. Go to the website and sign up for free. All you need to do is enter a username and a password. The process is straightforward that will only take a handy of minutes.

Then it would be better if you subscribe to a membership. By doing so, you’ll be able to use all the advanced features of this application. Also, there are different memberships, according to one’s need. 

The memberships unlock the basic and advanced pack. The basic one allows you to monitor only one device at a time. Therefore, you need to upgrade your membership to monitor multiple smartphones from a single account.

Step2: Verify the Device


The next step is to verify the targeted device. Enter the details of the device you need to locate remotely. However, both Android and iOS smartphones have different ways to get verified.

Here’s how:

  • For Android

To verify any Android smartphone, you’ll need to install a small set up of just 2MB into the device. This process might take a few minutes to Spyine to verify the device. The instructions for the set up can be found on the official website.

  • For iOS

On the other hand, the verification process on iOS smartphones is pretty straightforward. You don’t even need to touch the device you want to monitor at all. All you need to do is enter the iCloud id of the targeted device, and you’re good to go. This process will only take quite a few minutes to verify the device.

Step3: Start Locating the Device

Most of the work is completed in the second step. Now go back to your account and choose the features option on the dashboard. There you can find plenty of opportunities to monitor different applications. Select the Location Tracker or SIM Tracker and all the details of the device’s location will be in front of you.

Final Words

Location Tracking applications can help you do hard work in a much easier way. Hence, we recommend Spyine as an excellent solution to track any iPhone or Android device. It is a trusted platform and provides advanced features to its users.


You can trust the solution with your loved one’s privacy as well.

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