Recommended Article Rewriter Tools – Have you seen a mind-blowing article on the internet and want to write the same?

But when we write the same content, we will be charged for using plagiarized content and that’s something we strictly need to avoid.

The way you can avoid plagiarism is, you must write your content and it can be difficult for many people.

And most people heard the term “rewriter” and you can simply use this term to make your content unique.

But how can we rewrite an article?

We can have two options for this, one is to do it by replacing the words on your own, and secondly you can use an article rewriter.

But it depends on you either you are going to choose the easiest approach or you are creative enough to make your content best on your own.

Let’s see, how can we use article rewriters and we are also going to discuss some best article rewriters.

How can we use an article rewriter?

Using article rewriter is very simple, we can say that it is just a copy-paste game.

Article rewriters are dedicated to change the words with their synonyms and when it comes to change the sentences, you can just do it by replacing the words of a sentence.

But there is one thing that must be in your mind while rewriting an article and that is the central theme of the content.

Sometimes, an article rewriter is designed to make content unique and these tools are not concerned about the preservation of the central theme.

But it is pretty cleared that using this type of tool is not beneficial and in fact, they are harmful for your content optimization.

What to look for in an article rewriter?

It all depends on your requirements but there are still some features that are considered as important and general.

We can say that without having these features, we cannot consider a tool best or useful.

So, let’s head towards it.

Preservation of a central idea:

The most basic thing that can be considered is the preservation of the central theme as we mentioned above, that some of the rewriters do not focus on it.

If a tool changes the central idea of your content, then how can it be useful for you and your blog?

We recommend using a tool for rewriting because sometimes we cannot attain accuracy when we rewrite on our own.

So, all you can do is, find the right tool and start rewriting the best articles while keeping the quality and central theme in focus.

The uniqueness of the content:

Article rewriters are generally used to make content unique or plagiarism-free but we have to check the plagiarism after rewriting.

There are many tools available on the internet that are unable to fully remove plagiarism in content.

So, it is quite necessary to check the plagiarism before and after rewriting the content.

Pricing plan

The third and the most important thing to consider is the pricing of a tool as some of the tools are free and some of them need some cost.

It’s up to you, if you can afford a paid tool then you can go for it otherwise you can go for a free tool.

But if you are going for a free tool, you must be very focused on the working and efficiency of the tool.

Top Best Article Rewriters of 2021

If there are hundreds of article rewriters available on the internet, then how can we pick up the 5 in them and how can we consider them the best?

It is just simple.

All you need to focus on the factors discussed above to determine either this tool deserves a try or simply you need to ignore it.

We have also shortlisted these 5 article rewriters according to the factors discussed above and you can decide then, you need to go for any tool or you need to avoid them. ( Article Rewriter ):

If you are willing to keep your content simple, readable, and engaging then you can go for this tool.

Editpad is a platform providing useful tools for digital marketing in which plagiarism checkers, paraphrasing tools, article rewriters are included. ( Article Rewriter )

When it comes to using some tool that is available on the internet, we need to pick an authentic one and avoid all others.

Because every tool is not meant to be suitable for your use or we can say that every tool is not dedicated to fulfilling your requirements.

It’s one of the best rewriter tools available for free, there are primarily four modes available in this rewriter tool and these modes are fluency, creative, simple, and advanced.

You can choose any of them that can be suitable for you but each of them is quite efficient and we are writing this guide after using this tool.

How to use this tool?

As we mentioned above that the working of this tool is simple so, let’s have a look at the steps.

  • You can start typing in the specific field
  • Two more options are to upload a file or paste the copied content
  • After selecting any of the options, click on the “rewrite” button
  • You can also select a language for your content
  • After doing all these steps, you’ll get your rewritten text

We have three options while using this tool; we can change the words, change the sentences, and thirdly we can remove plagiarism as well.

This article rewriter can be considered the one-stop-shop for writers; we don’t need to switch to any other tool for checking plagiarism in a rewritten text.

Article Rewriter Tools

There are two options available in this tool, we can simply paste or type the text in the specified field or we can upload a file from the computer. can support files in six languages and that’s something really impressive and if you don’t select any language then the default language will be English.

How to use this tool?

We can say that the working of this tool is the same as the previous one.

  • You can simply copy the text
  • Paste in the input field
  • There is an option of uploading a file
  • Then you need to simply click on the “rewrite” button


If you are willing to get a cheap spin article, then you can go for this tool, and being the cheapest doesn’t mean this article rewriter is not that efficient.

CleverSpinner is an AI-based tool that can give you all the accuracy and effectiveness so, using this tool can be a good option.

spin article

The second most important thing that we mentioned many times is, having readable and unique content.

We can say that this tool is quite enough to make content readable and unique and that’s why we are discussing it here.

How to use this tool?

  • Start your free trial
  • Copy the content, paste into the input field
  • Or you can upload a file
  • Click on the “submit” button


As we mentioned above, many tools are pretty important and useful in digital marketing and that’s why we need to keep the article rewriters in focus.

We have shared the top 3 best article rewriters, and we have also shared why we consider them the best.

You can have a look at them, decide which tool can fulfill your requirements, and go for it.

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