SEO is a definite buzzword of the online marketing world. Companies do everything to get on top of the Google search engine first pages and the competition is fierce. There’s no doubt it has a lot of crucial advantages, but are there any drawbacks, too? Let’s take a closer look at the web positioning pros and cons.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO

SEO main advantages

We can say for sure that SEO has more advantages than disadvantages. There’s no doubt about it. Here are some of the most essential ones:

1. Large boost in traffic

A professional online marketing company engaging for example in WordPress SEO services can help you get on the famous top ten list for chosen keywords. And when you get there, you’ll see a significant boost in traffic which translates directly into the number of potential clients and finally – sales.

2. Better quality website

Following all of the most crucial SEO rules, you’ll finally make your website a whole lot better – and it concerns both its code and user experience. Google bots pay a lot of attention to websites that are maximally user and mobile-friendly. If you meet these requirements, it’s more possible your website will be ranked higher.

3. It’s cheap and sometimes even free

If you have your own frontend developer and a content editor, you can run your SEO campaigns actually free using your indoor resources. If not, these services are still relatively cheap and have a quick return of investment. And if you want to offer such services to your customers along with website development, you can hire a white label SEO agency as a reliable partner.

SEO disadvantages shortlist

OK then, it’s time for the cons. Which are the most annoying and even make some people resign from the search engine optimization once and for all?

1. It takes a significant amount of time

SEO doesn’t really happen overnight. It’s a long process that, to be most effective, can take up to several months. If you want your campaign to work, you have to be patient and choose your SEO partner wisely. If a company promises to get you on page one in a month, something’s probably wrong.

2. You’re exposed

When your website successfully gets in the top ten search results for some relevant keywords, you’re visible every time someone enters this phrase. Every single time. It doesn’t really matter that you had so many offers that you can’t even handle them anymore. The traffic will still be high and the interest in your product or service may exceed your expectations.

3. Competition knows too much

There’s also a matter of jealous competitors that can copy your whole marketing strategy to get where you are. Maybe that’s not so bad, because most companies get inspired by businesses that have done it better before them. But if they start to copy your content word by word, it’s probably a bit too much. What’s even worse – black hat SEO practices. If your competitors want you to fall from the highest positions, they can perform some magic tricks to “help” you. Black hat SEO is not a good practice, but unfortunately, it happens.

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