What moves around yet does not go anywhere? A fan. It’s a powered home appliance for cooling purposes if you have guessed correctly. A fan’s most significant advantage is that it uses minimum energy and cools the body more efficiently. Choosing a suitable fan for your room can be difficult because there are thousands of choices available in the market. Each type of fan has different uses and characteristics.

4 Types of Fans for Home Use in India

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After reading this blog, you’ll get a brief idea of the types of fans that are most common for household use.

  • Ceiling Fan

The most basic type of mechanical fan is a ceiling fan, and it is the most used fan at home. Ceiling fans are installed on the ceiling (as the name suggests), with the help of a strong rod, and positioned far from the reach of anyone. You have to hang the ceiling fan at least 9 feet above the floor of your room for optimum efficiency. Your ceiling fan wiring must be connected to the outlet box located on the ceiling. Your ceiling fan is ready to spin after the installation process is complete.

  • Table Fans

Another common fan that can found in every household is a table fan. The noteworthy thing about this kind of fan is that its cool breeze can be aimed in any direction you want, and you can even let it swing. The best attribute of this sort of fan, not to forget, is that it is portable.

  • Exhaust Fans

A well-designed bathroom does not stand on its own. It needs to be well-ventilated and expelled from the stale air and smells. It is precisely what the exhaust fan does. Not considered a luxury anymore, an exhaust fan is a requirement. 

In the kitchen or bathroom, we usually find exhaust fans to maintain a comfortable temperature and ensure proper ventilation. By removing dust particles from the room, these fans also eliminate any foul smell in the bathroom/kitchen, remove excess moisture, and purify the air. The kitchen and bathroom air becomes humid because of moisture by cooking or showering, or dishwashing. This is why when we are in our kitchen or bathroom, we feel warm and begin to sweat. Also, excess moisture can damage the metal appliance, and condensation formed during hot water use that can damage the wall or ceiling by leading to mild growth on those surfaces. The only way to get rid of this serious situation is to use good quality exhaust fans.

  • Pedestal Fan

A pedestal is one of the most commonly used portable fans. To keep a pedestal fan stable, the head of a pedestal fan is coupled with a long and thin rod that is further supported by a solid and wide round-shaped base. If your pedestal fan has an in-built changeable height feature, you can adjust (both increase or decrease) the height of a pedestal fan to ensure sufficient airflow whenever you need to.

Pedestal fans too (like table fans) can blow a large amount of air in a specific direction, which ensures that when you are set on a couch or lazing in your bed, you can point the airflow towards yourself. A pedestal can oscillate up to 180° so that it can circulate air in more parts of the room. A pedestal fan is now made more user-friendly than ever before by these special features.

A fan in your home should operate at the highest efficacy. One of the critical things you should remember is the type of fan you need in your home. Think about the room size, floor height, and the amount of air a place receives and then accordingly choose a fan. One such trusted brand that offers a comprehensive range of fans is Luminous India. They have a massive collection of ceiling fans, portable fans (table fans, personal fans, pedestal fans, wall fans), and exhaust fans. Along with this, they also provide the most suitable fan size of 400mm for domestic use. So, choose the one that suits your home the best.

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