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As You know YouTube Vanced no longer exists due to legal issues, So we are searching for an alternative option. And in this post, we find for you the best Vanced alternative, Youtube ReVanced with the best features. Youtube ReVanced Apk is a mod or modified version of Youtube.

What’s Interesting about Youtube ReVanced Apk?

Youtube ReVanced

The popularity of Youtube until now seems to be endless. Even though there are similar applications released, people are already familiar with and comfortable using Youtube. However, there is a Youtube rival mod application that can be more interesting to use.

This mod application was developed and released by third-party developers who want to compete with Youtube. Due to the mod application, it has not been officially authorized by the original Youtube developer. Therefore, the application cannot be found in the PlayStore list.

Even though it’s a mod version, there’s something interesting about Youtube ReVanced, which is that there are no ads at all. It’s true, those of you who watch videos through this application will not see and read ads because they don’t exist.

It’s different when you watch online streaming videos on Youtube. Make sure there are many ads that always appear from the beginning of the video opening, in the middle, and at the end of the viewing. The ads are definitely quite annoying.

Well, all of you who don’t want to be disturbed by the appearance of ads while watching videos via Youtube, you can try applying the mod version. You can download and install Youtube Vanced on your gadget now manually.

Download Link Youtube ReVanced Latest Version 2022

Immediately download the entire application file. After the download process is complete, all files are combined in one folder and automatically saved in the download section on your gadget. You can check it to make sure all files have been downloaded or not.

To be more effective, you can also download it at the following download link.

App NameYoutube ReVanced Apk
File Size161 MB(ORG) 52MB (Lite)
Device OSAndroid 4.1+ and iOS
Official TelegramTeam Revanced


Download ReVanced ORG

Download ReVanced Lite


  1. This is the non-root variant, to use the root variant you need to compile and install it via ADB with the revanced-cli, refer to the documentation for that.
  2. If you Can’t login with a Google account then you can use Vanced micro-g.

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Features Of Youtube ReVanced Apk

Not only without interesting ads in this application. However, there are several other features that are no less interesting to use when watching videos or other activities. You who often open Youtube or even have become a Youtuber.

1. Free App

You can use the application and all the features in it for free, aka no need to pay. There is no subscription, buying, paying, or other similar terms. Guaranteed all free even if you open the premium version.

2. Watch and Stream Without Ads

Revanced without ads

3. Youtube Default Features

Even though it’s a modified version, Youtube ReVanced still retains all the original features. That way, you don’t have to worry when you want to apply Youtube like the original even though you use the mod version.

For example, the exploration, subscribe, share, and other features are still intact as the original, and all of them can be used. In fact, there are additional features that cannot be found in the original version.

4. More Features

Here are some more interesting features of Youtube Revanced

• You can use Both Youtube official and ReVanced
• Ads are Disabled
• Background Play/Minimized PlayBack
Amoled Theme
• MicroG Support For Login
• App Name Restored to Youtube
• App Logo changed to YouTube Premium
• Unwanted Permissions/Activities/Services/Providers Disabled
• Language- MultiLingual

How To Instal Youtube ReVanced Apk

install revanced youtube

The next step after downloading is to install the application. The method is still manual because all application files are downloaded through unknown sources, such as websites.

Those of you who have never installed manually seem to have to read the steps as follows.

  1. First, prepare your Mobile that has saved the download of the Youtube ReVanced application file.
  2. Next, open the Settings menu or Settings. Then, select the Security section and scroll down.
  3. After finding an unknown source, you just activate that section. That way, you can install from outside download sources stored on your phone.
  4. Next, open the downloaded folder in the download section, then look for a file called Install and just click on it to start the installation process.
  5. Just wait until the process is complete. Possibly longer than when installing Youtube from the PlayStore.
  6. After successfully being installed, please open and use the application to watch videos or others.

How to solve Youtube ReVanced Apk Mod Error 400

The Revanced team’s application experienced a 404 error so it couldn’t be used, this happened after the ReVanced youtube application had been sued by Google.

Well, for those of you who are confused about the solution to avoid the error 400 problems in the YouTube Vanced application, please refer to the following explanation.

  1. Please open your smartphone
  2. Then go to the settings menu or settings
  3. And please click the application, then look for Youtube Vanced
  4. Then next clear data and cache
  5. If it’s still error 400, you can update to the latest version of the YouTube ReVanced mod apk application here.
  6. Done.

Youtube ReVanced Apk is indeed very interesting to use when watching videos. However, you must remain wise when applying it to anticipate unwanted things. Good luck.

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