The line is a mobile application that allows users to communicate with each other via messages that utilize internet services. Who is not familiar with this very popular messaging application, its users dominate the market for message sharing platforms for mobile devices.

This proves that Line does provide what is desired by most smartphone users. In addition, we also know Line by often making significant maneuvers to develop platforms such as various collaborations with various types of service providers in the field of internet, outlets and more.

use LINE On Browser

It’s no wonder knowing why line dominates the market for messaging platforms for mobile, it’s all because of their unmitigated actions to take steps to develop their platforms.

As is known, the Line is almost available for all devices that can be connected on the internet, including computer PCs. But what many users know is that when using Line on a computer it requires to install the software first. The fact that Line users don’t know much about Line can be used through a web browser.

Compare when you install Line software on your PC / PC, then you have to set aside tens of megabytes of memory to be able to install the software than you just use a browser which in fact only requires a small extension that doesn’t require large capacity so users can quickly enjoy communication Order Line easily, of course.

Therefore, on this occasion, Ofamni will briefly describe how to use LINE using a web browser on a computer for free without using any third party sites or services.

Further, please follow the following application:


This application is specifically for Google Chrome users, while for other Web browser users, of many doesn’t know how yet.

How to Use LINE On Browser or PC

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome Browser on your Computer / PC device.

Step 2: Navigate to the extension page to add the Line extension to your web browser.

Google Chrome extension

  • Don’t worry because this extension does not contain malware and this extension does not drain your device’s storage capacity because this extension is quite small and light.

Step 3: After the Extension page opens, please install it on your web browser.

  • Google Chrome: Click the “+ Add to Chrome” or “+ Add to Chrome” button

Step 4: After the extension installation is complete, please open the Line using your web browser by visiting the same line as in stage 2 then pressing the “Launch App” button.

Step 5: After the Line version of the web browser, you can simply enter your account data using account information, related telephone numbers or use the QR Code.


By using the LINE version of the web browser you don’t have to bother to update the software or upgrade every time you need it because with this extension you only need to use it and it certainly doesn’t drain much of your device’s storage capacity.

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