Although it may seem like such a simple form of exercise, there are a lot of people that go through each day not getting the basic amount done. Walking, one of the most common ways of transport for people is massively underrated as a form of exercise. Many people look at “going for a walk” as a boring, pointless form of cardiovascular fitness. What they are forgetting is that it’s probably more beneficial than they think, especially if they aren’t typically someone who does much exercise all, day to day.

Health Benefits of Walking

Due to the recent pandemic, most people have had to get used to spending every day inside the same 4 walls. In fact, in some countries, the government has actually limited exercise to 1 hour a day. This had a negative impact on people both mentally and physically.

As we ease past this whole pandemic saga and look to get back to normal life, it is important to stress to people why even the smallest amount of exercise can make all the difference and how walking prolongs life

Walking Burns Calories

The obvious benefit of walking is the fact that it burns calories. All forms of exercise will burn calories. In fact, everything you do in daily life is burning calories; just your body operating is burning calories. 

But exercise will increase that significantly and help you improve your overall health. The number of calories you are able to burn will depend on the following factors: speed, distance, terrain, and how much you weigh.

There are different ways in which you can calculate how many calories you would burn on a walk. You can find many online sites offering calorie calculators, or perhaps you may invest in a smartwatch, which will calculate your calories burnt based on your walk and your heart rate. There are also free mobile apps that can do this.

Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

Improving your cardiovascular fitness can have many health benefits. The stronger your heart, the better chance you have at a healthy, prolonged life. There are many heart diseases and problems that can be caused by poor heart health. One way in which you can improve the health of your heart is through cardiovascular fitness or cardio for short.

For people wanting to become more athletic and potentially compete in sports where endurance and stamina are key, then good cardio fitness is essential. Although it would take more than just walking to improve this, it is a good place to start.

Boosts Energy

It is weird to think that doing exercise can, in some cases, boost your energy, but it is something walking is good for. Most people would think exercise tires you out, and you are right; it can do. However, studies have proven that simple exercise when you are tired, such as a walk, can actually boost your energy levels. 

By walking, you are increasing the amount of oxygen circulating in your body, and this can lead to an increase in many hormones that will then boost your energy levels. What works even better is the use of an energy patch whilst exercising; it removes all imbalances to help you feel at your best. The best energy patch we found online was FeelZing. FeelZing energy patches are scientifically proven to work.

Improves Mental Health

If there is one thing we have learned from isolation during the pandemic, it is that being trapped inside can have such a negative effect on our mental health. There has been a significant rise in mental health cases since the pandemic began, and a lot of it was due to the stress and boredom of feeling trapped within your home. 

The exercise was the only time of the day when people felt free. Being out and seeing other faces, taking in the sun, and admiring nature have been known to improve people’s mental health and was a way for people to switch off from the outside world and think about anything other than the constant negatives that were displayed on the local news.

Gets You Thinking Creative

Finally, walking is good for creativity. If you are ever trying to find a creative spark, maybe for an upcoming project, and you just feel like you are going insane constantly trying to find the answers, try doing some exercise. It is known as “clearing your mind,” and it really does work. It is often that people have their most creative moments whilst out walking and being in a different environment from where they would normally work.

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