Browser extensions are excellent productivity tools for all. These add specific capabilities to your Safari Browser as this read and modify web content and provide you with an integrated browsing experience that perfectly fits your needs.  With these extensions, you can manage your passwords for online accounts, speed up your browsing, check grammar and plagiarism, utilize translation tools, and others that bring efficiency to your work.

Safari Add-ons for Content Creators

One can find these Apple-approved Safari extensions through the Safari Extensions Gallery webpage and the App Store. We have this article for you to share  5 best Safari Add-ons for content creators. These will make your task simpler, better, and error-free.


The Internet today has no better tool that can enhance your written communication skills.  This Safari add-on will make your documents to social media posts grammatical-error-free and impactful. With this tool, wherever you write, it will automatically check for spellings and grammar. Moreover, it will also provide you with weekly insights and performance stats, which is very handy. You can also use Grammarly’s free trial option to test this grammar checker tool. Be it a professional, student, academician, or an average user, and it will make you sound like a pro. Another great feature is the contextual spelling checker that detects the words per context in your writing.


Are you tired of remembering the passwords for all your accounts?  Well, most of us are. However, LastPass solves it all for you. This Safari add-on reads the username and password that you type in the webform and saves it to your keychain.  The next time when you visit the web form, it will fill those details on its own.  It is an opt-in feature i.e.; you can enable or disable it as per your requirements.  Safari will always ask you before saving the username and password from each web form.


Here is another excellent Safari browser extension that manages your tabs and history. The Internet is a fantastic place, and keeping up with loads of information is daunting. Whenever you have several open tabs and wish to keep those links for future reference, this add-on helps you with it. The interface is user friendly, intuitive, and fast. It has useful functions and easy keyboard controls. It can be a powerful tool to search and organize your tabs and saving, restoring, importing, and exporting.  It keeps track of your open windows and tabs for you. This Safari add-on is lightweight, efficient and has the automatic backup feature. The Sessions Safari Add-on has full tab management and searching abilities and will never let you lose a link.


It adds a button to your Safari toolbar with which you can shorten the links with a single click. This extension lets you grab the custom short URLs correctly and copy it. For many, it is the best extension to shorten links with a single click. For using this extension, you can click the extension’s toolbar button, and the URL gets shortened automatically and gets copied to the clipboard too. The second way is to right-click any website link, and the URL gets immediately shortened and copied into the clipboard.  Depryme uses the best available shortener API. Its key is already enabled, and all you need to do is to install and start using it.

Prowriting Aid

It is a copy editing tool, and many experts consider it a potential underdog. This add-on is cloud-based and was developed for authors, and presently it has a fan base consisting of freelancers, writers, copy-editors, bloggers, and students. Started as a web app, this software is now also available as a Safari browser extension. It perfectly finds issues in your writing, and it truly excels in it. The report that this add-on provides is impressive, and it will include writing style, grammar, all repeats, readability, thesaurus, diction, clichés, plagiarism, and a lot more.


Safari browser is quick, easy, and has an impressive page load speed. It comes loaded with all the security features. This browser gets even better for a content creator when these add-ons are also included.  It lends a helping hand to your detail-oriented work and proves to be an excellent support. Install, use, explore, and enjoy your enhanced productivity with these Safari extensions.

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