If you know anything about the supply chain industry, you pretty much know how every little cog in that logistical machine needs to be well-oiled. Seemingly unimportant things, when neglected, can have a ripple effect that can ruin much bigger plans.

Why Reliable Manufacturing Can Be an Entrepreneur's Best Friend

Every entrepreneur knows that risk is simply a part of any venture, but what separates the great entrepreneurs from the rest of the herd is how often they are able to minimize risks. In this article, we’ll dive into why reliable manufacturing is so important to an entrepreneur’s success.

Every Little Thing Matters for Reliable Manufacturing

When it comes to sourcing materials, take a serious look at small things like rubber seals, o-rings, and fasteners. See if you are really getting the best quality available, or if someone outsourced sub-par materials to save a few dollars. If it is the latter, then this would be a great time to rethink your sourcing strategy and instead opt for quality products and minimize interruptions.

Based on the industry in question and its specific requirements, entrepreneurs or manufacturers around the globe may be tempted to use cheap, sub-par rubber seals in dynamic or static applications during a supply run. While that might seem like a great cost-cutting solution, in the long run, such decisions can cause irreparable impacts.

The Ripple Effect on Cost

When it comes to industrial manufacturing, any sort of machine failure can be expensive. Individual repairs might not seem like a lot of money at the time, but these small fixes build-up, which not only puts red in the ledger but also costs the business time and major production delays.

Let’s say you outsourced your rubber seals to an overseas supplier and now there’s a leakage — can you imagine how cumbersome the process to replace these seals would be? On the other hand, if you choose a reliable local manufacturer as part of your supply chain for rubber seals and fasteners, replacing the faulty ones would be far less complicated, which would save your business countless man-hours, and import costs and also prevent major production delays.

When you outsource to overseas suppliers, there could be a thousand unpredictable things during a supply chain run, any one of them capable of causing serious halts or delays in production. You also have to worry about regulations and umpteen hidden tariffs when you import. Additionally, it’s far more complicated to make returns and get refunds. Ultimately, what you end up with is a supply chain nightmare.

Traits To Look For When Choosing a Supplier

When looking for a good local supplier, make sure they are known for – accountability for quality issues, their production capabilities, are open to third-party quality checks, and meet ethical and regulatory compliance criteria.

Instead of outsourcing, if you were to go with a local supplier for your rubber seal needs, you can protect your bottom line and avoid extra expenses, errors, and interruptions to your manufacturing process. Higher-quality seals and fasteners are also less susceptible to erosion and everyday wear and tear.

Choose Wisely From the Many Sources Available

There are obviously many sources out there for rubber seals and fasteners which are local. You need to choose one that cares about its own reputation, provides the best quality seals and not only helps you maintain your supply chain process but helps you better it.

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