Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps protect your business mailboxes from advanced threats, providing time-click protection against unknown malware and zero-day attacks. Advanced threat protection offers several capabilities, including secure attachments, connections, and rich reporting to assist with sophisticated combat attacks.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Many organizations use SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams to collaborate and share ideas, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. But how do you make sure you do it safely and securely? WithOffice 365 advanced threat protection, this is possible!

Enabling ATP requires configuring policies to activate and target specific users, groups, or domains that need to be protected by the service. You can configure particular ATP policies to check links, attachments, or both.

Let Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection help you in your business

Modern cyber threats like ransomware continue to become more dangerous as automation increases the frequency and sophistication of attacks. The Microsoft 365 cloud platform has essential security features for its collaboration platforms, but they are insufficient for small and medium-sized businesses that a cyber-attack could damage.

Zero-day threats are evolving daily, and hackers are sophisticated enough to penetrate vectors of attacks outside of email. Unfortunately, many solutions fail to protect the entire Microsoft suite.

With advances in artificial intelligence, third-party providers are expected to develop a proactive security solution that anticipates when user behavior risks company data and prevents security breaches. But in the meantime, many handy tools can help you and your business protect sensitive data.

Essential Features of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Safe Links

ATP Safe Links scans incoming emails for known malicious hyperlinks and malware attachments. The URL is identified as secure, suspicious, or malicious. If the URL is found to be confident, the website opens automatically.

If the URL is revealed to be suspicious or malicious, a warning page opens, alerting the user to a potential threat. The feature overwrites the scanned URLs in the standard Microsoft URL format prefix.

URL trace capabilities of Office 365 advanced threat protection to perform any data loss prevention action is crucial for data protection.

Safe Attachments

Safe Attachments explores attachments by detonating them in a sandy environment with the assistance of a hypervisor, as the attachment experiences behavioral analysis to specify if it is delivering malware that alters the registry, system settings, access rights, etc.

Secure attachments are used only by email. ATP, on the other hand, can be used with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. ATP helps detect and block files identified as malicious on team sites and document libraries.

Spoof Intelligence

Fictitious domains and senders can be difficult to spot, and attackers constantly exploit organizations that do not take appropriate steps to protect their mail.

The critical point is that if your organization does not publish email authentication, this anti-fraud protection will treat your messages as fake unless other indicators can raise the score enough to allow mail to be sent.

Microsoft has also developed an implicit authentication system known as Composite Authentication, and this technology is used in their Exchange Online protection technology against malicious attachments.

Office ATP Anti-Phishing Capabilities in Office 365

Office ATP anti-phishing protects your modern workforce from imitation attacks. ATP anti-phishing technology applies machine learning models with incoming message detection algorithms. All messages are subject to many models trained to detect phishing messages.

Phishing attacks can shake your Microsoft environment’s email security and cloud security. Malicious links can provoke security incidents if no security software is installed to provide threat detection.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection for SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams

This feature is unavoidable to protect Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams and ensure that all paths are covered and threats are neutralized as soon as they are detected. By defending your platform, you can confidently work and demonstrate your commitment to the security of your partners and clients.

In SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams, the contents of the files will be checked to avoid downloading malicious files. The files you suspect will remain visible in the user interfaces but can no longer be downloaded.

It should be cited that ATP does not scan every file in SharePoint, OneDrive, or Microsoft Teams; files are scanned asynchronously, using sharing events and guest activities with threat alerts to identify malicious files.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft offers an attractive breakthrough solution/feature that provides automatic endpoint detection and response: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, formerly known as Microsoft Defender ATP (MDATP) or Windows Defender ATP (WDATP).

Microsoft Defender ATP automatically detects and fixes advanced attacks on your endpoints. Investigates each threat’s scope and potential impact, providing reports on the various threats to your organization’s machines, enabling you to quickly and easily mitigate and eliminate them using advanced tools and automation.

Microsoft Defender ATP is known to take care when a breach occurs, and it can quickly isolate and deal with it before it has a chance to cause any damage or manifest in your network.

Automated Investigation and Response

Investigating and repairing post-breach scenarios can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Most companies do not have the expertise and resources needed for fast analysis and effective remediation.

Automatic incident response tools, such as game safety books and exploration charts, will help investigate and correct attacks much faster. Office 365 ATP provides an advanced automated response option called Automated Investigation and Response, which your security administrators can take advantage of, saving significant time, money, and resources.


90% of cyber attacks start with email. With over 230 million active business users using Microsoft Office 365 data, advanced security for 365 has become a focal point and a critical piece of the overall security puzzle.

In previous years, the most effective way to protect your Office 365 tenant was to use a dedicated third-party security solution to strengthen your defenses. Individual solutions offer a range of features above and beyond Microsoft’s offerings.

A strong alliance against all methods of attack is required for the business sector, and Office 365 advanced threat protection is definitely the service you can utilize to safeguard your critical data.

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