MangaStream AlternativesManga is a Japanese-style comic book that has proven to bring huge hits all over the world. A huge number of comic readers worldwide is a fan of Manga comics, and for them, MangaStream was the site where they could fulfill their reading habits with high-quality Manga comics.

But MangaStream has now shut down their sites and they are offline.

They chose to close down their site to clear a path for themselves to promote the legal reading of their comic content.

MangaStream Alternatives

Well, Hence the original website has been taken shut down now, So Here in this article, We show some best MangaStream alternative sites that you can visit to extinguish your thirst for Manga.

What is MangaStream?

MangaStream was a Japanese manga online comic. There you could read your favorite Japanese books online for free.

For a long time, manga comics were not officially translated into English, or made available digitally. Fans translated them into English and some other different languages like Indonesian. Things have changed for the better since then.

There are several great apps for reading comics. And you don’t have to rely on unofficial sites and these scans.

MangaStream –Why it is Down?

MangaStream is now down. The owner of the site deleted the whole site for many reasons. The content owner wants to promote Magna comice as legal content.

So The original manga comics are only available to read the content from legal sources.

MangaStream Alternatives Sites 2023

1. Komikid


The first best manga reading site is the Komikid, which you can access at

Apart from manga or other names for Japanese comics, there are also comics from Korea and China that are translated into Indonesian.

There are many genres and titles to choose from, from all-time manga like Detective Conan, and One Piece to viral new releases like Jujutsu Kaisen.

This site provides a comic reading view with a per-page style so that you are more comfortable reading it. To continue to the next page you just need to click next.

There are no weird pop-ups when changing pages, so it’s very comfortable to read online comics here.

In terms of interface appearance, Komikid is also free and clean from annoying pop-up ads. At the top, there is a selection of the latest manga that has just been updated.

2. Komikcast


The nextbest MangaStream Alternatives site, there is a komikcast that you can visit at The start page of the site displays several menu options including home, list of comics, popular, and projects.

This site provides a list of comics that you can choose based on genre, type, status, and alphabet. You can also search directly for the manga you are going to read in the search feature.

Interestingly, this site already provides a Dark Mode feature which will make you more comfortable while reading comics.

The Komikcast site also has an attractive and ad-free interface. There are no pop-ups or advertisements on the homepage.

But pop-ups often appear when you click on the manga you are about to read. But not as intrusive as

Komikcast also provides an application version. You can download it on their website directly. Or you can go to the play store and type Komikcast then download.

3. Best English Manga Reading Site – 1stkissmanga


The 1stkissmanga is located at This site has a clear scan feature so you can be more comfortable while reading.

1stkissmanga is also updated regularly and for translation problems, they always inform if there are misinterpretations or updates.

The manga collection here is also very complete. You can spend time here reading manga for free. Don’t be afraid to miss chapters because this site is always updated.

4. Mangapanda

If you can’t find the manga you’re looking for on Mangavolume, try visiting Mangapanda. This site has a large collection of popular manga.

It also looks neat, organized, and free of annoying pop-up ads. This site provides a useful service button to report if there are errors such as chapters that cannot be opened or others.

If you don’t find the manga you’re looking for, you can also let them know and send a request.

5. Mangafoxfull


Then on the next list of legal online manga reading sites, there is Mangafoxfull.

Mangafox is also quite popular among manga and anime lovers in Indonesia.

What makes this legal online manga reading site different is the presence of colors in several manga titles.

That way, you can get a more comfortable online manga reading experience at Mangafox.

The manga titles available on Mangafox can also be considered complete and offer popular titles.

6. Manta

The next recommendation for reading comics is Manta. For those of you who don’t know, Manta is a comic reading application, but it turns out that not only Webtoons are available in this application, but manga as well.

Apart from that, this application also has a website, so if you don’t want to bother downloading the application, you can directly visit the website to read comics. Lots of comics are available on this website.

7. Mangaplus

magna plus best MangaStream Alternatives

Then there’s Mangaplus Shuisha the best MangaStream Alternatives site, surely many of you know about this site. Shuisha is one of the official comic reading sites that have lots of manga. Even the manga available on this website can be considered complete.

If you are confused about what comic to read, this site provides recommendations for the best and most frequently read comics. Not only in Indonesian, but this site also provides various kinds of manga comics in English.

8. Mangatoons


Another recommended manga reading site is Mangatoon. For those of you who like to read manga online, surely you know this site, not just in the form of a website. But Mangatoon is also available for Android and iOS.

The best manga reading application for Android and iOS smartphones also provides a free comic download service. Besides that, you can also make comics and upload them into this application.

So on this website, you can find lots of comics with various genres. What’s interesting is that it’s not just manga, but you can also read comics from Korea, namely Manhwa.

Android Version

iOS Version

9. Manga Geek

The last online manga reading site is Manga Geek which is already available on the Android Version

You can install it for free without paying any fees.

Apart from that, the Manga Geek application also has a simple interface, making it easy to learn.

And you can also choose subtitles to make it easier to read manga online.

10. Mangaku

Lastly is Mangaku. For those of you who really like reading comics, surely you know about this website. The manga collection on the Mangku website is very complete, and this website is even updated, so you won’t miss the story.

It’s not just reading comics, you guys are good at English. You can also become a comic translator because this website also often opens job vacancies for those who like Manga and can speak English.


So, those are the best manga reading sites in Indonesian and English that you can visit. You can get free access to manga comics from all of the sites above.

Meanwhile, most English manga reading sites, most of them are blocked by positive internet because they are claimed to be illegal.

Thus the list of the best and most popular manga reading sites and MangaStream Alternatives Sites. After reading this article and knowing the list, where do you usually read comics? Then don’t forget to always visit

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