With the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, businesses and institutions are shifting their operations to online platforms. This shift is geared to sustain operations without exposing workers and students to the virus.

However, virtual learning has proved a challenge for many students who were accustomed with face-to-face learning. The major challenge for many students is poor organization, which limits productivity and performance.

There are, however, a couple of routine changes you should consider to overcome low productivity.

This article tackles the tips to stay productive with online learning and make the most of each lesson. With  https://mycustomessay.com/, you can gain insight into challenging concepts, thus staying ahead of classwork.

Five Tips For Learning Online And Staying Productive

Set a conducive environment for study

Unlike a classroom setting, online learning presents a ton of distractions. Ranging from social media notifications, surrounding noise to video games, students have many elements that undermine their concentration.

The divided attention limits the registry of the studied material, resulting in poor storage in the long-term memory. To avoid this, you should establish a desk far from distractions and use a blocker for unnecessary applications.

Also, ensure that you have access to all elements needed for each session, thus reducing the movement during class time. By setting a conducive environment, you can commit to various concepts and make the most of each session.

Additionally, ensure that you take notes during class as opposed to passively watching through the lecture. By actively participating in the lecture, you boost your focus on the material at hand, thus gaining a better understanding of tackled concepts.

Adopt a daily routine

A structured environment is essential in achieving a productive rhythm. By developing a routine, you program your subconscious to prioritize the critical activities, thus avoiding the lure of meaningless activity.

For this, set a consistent time for waking up in the morning and activity to kickstart your morning. You could, for instance, start your morning with muscle stretches, have a cup of coffee, and review the material you studied the previous day.

Setting long-term and short-term goals

Goals are the key drivers of a daily routine. When planning an online learning schedule, pay heed to content coverage, assignments, and class sessions. Next, set reminders for each activity to ensure that you handle it before the deadline elapses.

This ensures that you attend all classes and commit more time to assignments and revision, thus gaining better scores.

Establish your ideal study approach

The key to learning is in mastering various concepts and applying them in various scenarios. However, students have different study approaches. To gain the most from online learning, you should figure your most active duration and study methods, which result in better retention.

For instance, you could be a morning person or an evening person. After establishing your ideal study duration, organize challenging concepts to be tackled when you are most active. This results in a deeper understanding of content, thus resulting in more productive study sessions.

Also, identify appropriate note-taking strategies that help you make better connections of studied materials. This could include diagrams and illustrations, which show the connection between various ideas tackled in class.

Get enough sleep

The newly earned freedom of online learning may result in poor time management by many students. Often, students may binge-watch a series as they rest after a tedious day of study.

However, the key to learning online and stay productive is getting enough rest. By reducing your sleep durations, you subject yourself to exhaustion, which in turn limits your energy on the next day.

To get enough sleep, switch off your devices thirty minutes before the time you have scheduled for sleep. Alternatively, mute notifications from your phone, thus getting undisrupted sleep and getting adequate rest to commit to the next day’s activity.


Online learning may prove daunting for a student with poor time management skills. The tips tackled in this article help you avoid distractions in your environment and stay productive in online learning.

In addition to these tips, schedule breaks from study, thus breaking your study space’s monotony and chunk information into manageable units.

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