PST files are essential for users who use Microsoft Outlook to store their emails and other important data, but they can be susceptible to corruption due to various reasons.

In this article, we will discuss 10 measures that can be taken to prevent PST file corruption.

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1. Regular Backups:

Probably the most important step in preventing PST file corruption is to regularly back up the PST file. This is the best way to ensure that you have a safe copy of all your Outlook data in case something goes wrong with the main PST file. Depending on how frequently you use Outlook and how much data is stored in it, you can decide on which backup strategy would be most suitable for your needs.

2. Scanning:

For added security, you should regularly scan your computer using an anti-virus software program and make sure that any malicious programs or malware are removed from your system before they can cause any damage to the PST file.

3. Outlook Updates:

It is important to keep Microsoft Outlook updated with the latest patches and service packs released by Microsoft so as to make sure that the PST file is not damaged or corrupted due to an outdated version of Outlook.

4. Disk Defragmentation:

It is also important to regularly run disk defragmenter on your computer so as to make sure that all the files stored on the hard drive are properly aligned and can be accessed quickly, thus minimizing the chances of PST file corruption.

5. Avoid Network Disconnections:

When working with large PST files, it is important to keep an uninterrupted connection with your network so as to minimize any chances of data loss caused due to a sudden disconnection in the middle of a data transfer operation.

6. Disabling Compression:

When compressing a PST file, it is important to remember that the process can often lead to corruption. Therefore, it is best to avoid compressing very large PST files and leave them as they are.

7. Scanpst Utility:

The default scanpst utility shipped with Microsoft Outlook can be used to repair any minor glitches in your PST file which may be caused due to minor corruptions or inconsistencies in the data structure of the file. It is always recommended to run this utility on a regular basis so as to make sure that no issues are overlooked.

8. Avoid Over-Sizing:

It is also important to keep an eye on the size of your PST files as oversized PST files are more prone to corruption. Therefore, it is important to avoid adding too much data into a single PST file and try to keep the file size within 2GB limit which is the maximum recommended size for an Outlook PST file.

9. File Structure:

Another thing that can be done to prevent PST file corruption is to make sure that all the elements in the PST file are properly structured and organized so as to minimize any chances of inconsistencies leading to a corrupted PST file.

10. Disk Maintenance:

Finally, it is also important to take proper care of your hard drive by running disk cleaner tools or disk repair utilities such as chkdsk from time-to-time so as to ensure that no bad sectors or other disk-related issues hamper the performance of your PST file.


By taking the above-mentioned measures, you can easily protect your PST files from corruption and ensure that all your Outlook data remain safe and secure. Furthermore, if in spite of all the precautions taken, you still experience PST file corruption, then it is best to opt for a professional third-party recovery tool to fix the issue without any data loss.

By following these 10 steps, you can significantly reduce the chances of corruption in your PST files and make sure that all your Outlook data remains safe and secure. However, it is still recommended to keep regular backups of your PST files so as to be prepared for any eventuality.

PST file corruption can have serious consequences for users who rely on Microsoft Outlook to store their emails and other important data, but with careful planning and maintenance, the chances of PST file corruption can be minimized. By following these steps, you will be able to keep your PST files safe and secure for a long time.

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