Okay, so you’ve got a laptop. You use it every day to go online and do research or create a PowerPoint or presentation, but what if your laptop was more exciting? The answer is not to plug in an extra power outlet at work to charge your computer because laptops aren’t all about battery life. Instead, here are some tricks that will make your laptop feel more like a game console.

Add a mini-projector

Using a laptop is already a hassle because you need to lug around your document holder and mouse, but what if you could easily whip out a projection system and make the whole thing smaller? There are quite a few projectors for laptops on the market now. Just like this Wemax nova, this projector has multiple inputs for a better viewing experience. With a screen gain of more than 40% and up to 160° wide viewing angle, the WEMAX 100-inch Ambient Light Rejecting Screen gives you a clear, bright image with deep contrast regardless of which seat you are sitting in.

Play online

Make a Mobile Game

There are a lot of games that allow you to enjoy a game from the comfort of your office or home. Here are a couple of favorites:

Age of Empire 2:

This is a classic tabletop game that’s a lot of fun to play with friends and family. You can play this game online on your laptop or desktop computer.

Online Baccarat Games:

Many great sites allow you to play a wide variety of games, including table games like baccarat. So popular even offered at sites like slots lv. If you have a short break or need to keep yourself entertained, load up your laptop with a baccarat game on a site like this and escape from the rest of the world while you play.

Use an external keyboard

A laptop’s standard keyboard makes it hard to type, so why not swap for an external keyboard? For people with larger hands – or fat typing fingers – the extra space a full-size keyboard gives will make you far more productive.

Use an external mouse

In the same way that adding a keyboard increases productivity, using an external mouse instead of the touchpad makes for a much nicer user experience.

Get classic movies for free

Many films from the golden age of cinema are now free of copyright. This means that it’s now legal to download and watch many films without having to purchase a copy. There are several legal archives you can use to access these old gems.

Add memory

Adding more memory to your device will allow you to run more programs at the same time. You can also try adding an external hard drive for extra storage space.

Play a musical instrument using your laptop

This is a fun one for those times when you’re feeling creative. Whether it’s a piano or an electric guitar, there are tons of samples on YouTube that will help you get started. It won’t be as easy as plugging an instrument into a guitar amp, but it’s pretty close.

Use your laptop screen as a photo booth

Several apps and websites allow you to edit pictures into funny memes, remove blemishes, or change the image altogether. It’s a fun way to surprise friends and family at parties.

Use your laptop as a virtual photo album

Many mobile apps allow you to display pictures on your laptop. You can use these to decorate your office with photos of loved ones or even use them as a virtual scrapbook.

Read the classics

Just like the earlier suggestion on watching out-of-copyright movies, there are also libraries of free downloadable books that you can read from your laptop. For example, the Project Gutenberg website allows visitors to browse their catalog of books and download copies free of charge.

Use your laptop as a music player

There are more and more small devices that allow you to stream music from the internet. But what if you want to hear music from your own collection? Several apps allow you to stream your digital music collection. You can even listen to some radio stations through your computer.

Change how your laptop feels by changing how it looks.

You can change how your laptop feels by changing how it looks. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a colorful skin or cover, or even a case that’s made of something other than plastic or metal. This will make working on long projects much more enjoyable (especially if the alternative is working at an uncomfortable desk).

The point is, you can do a lot with your laptop if you know how to make it more exciting. You don’t need to rely on the traditional “laptop accessories” like extra power outlets. You can really change up the way your laptop feels using some of these tricks. Why not give them a shot.

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