Fix IDM Fake Serial Number Error – Almost everyone knows about the ‘Internet Download Manager‘ (IDM). You might have used this application because it helps you download files from the web at high speed. I would say, this is from one of the best tools to use to download files from the internet. But you might face pop up that ‘IDM has registered with a Fake serial number‘.

Fix IDM Fake Serial Number ErrorThis pop-up is very annoying because it appears every time you will download several files or when you start your system. This error directs you to search for cracked files from torrent and other alternatives.

Here in this article, I will reveal 2 simple and easy steps to get rid of these pop-ups Fix IDM Fake Serial without using any torrent file or without using fake serial keys.

Let’s start with a method for resolving IDM problems that shows ‘IDM has been registered with a fake serial number’.

Before proceeding, use Revo Uninstaller to remove IDM that was previously installed completely.

Note: This article for learning purpose I/We don’t recommend using this method, better to use premium IDM. And If anyone has a problem with this article please contact us we will remove it as soon as possible. Thanks

What is IDM?

Internet Download Manager or IDM is the best download tool among all the download tools available on the internet. It has a 30 day trial period before buying so users can evaluate the download tool. This tool is considered as the best download manager according to the user. You have to pay money because this tool is not free of charge. You have to pay to get the serial key.

You Can use Fake serial key But A fake IDM serial number detected by the IDM server and usually, it happens because you are updating IDM online and the error happens.

IDM Fake serial number

So Don’t Worry Here We will give you an original serial number and also Show some method to fix fake IDM serial number 2020. So you have to follow this tutorial to get the full version of IDM and enjoy all new and premium features.

IDM features:

  • Very useful software for every internet user.
  • IDM supports resumes and schedules the best features.
  • Supports multi-part download facilities.
  • Easy to get high-speed downloads.
  • IDM supports the Windows operating system.
  • Allows downloads of up to 5 times the speed.
  • Supports 150+ Internet browsers.

How to Fix IDM Fake Serial Number


Please follow these easy steps to resolve the problems. Before you begin the process, you must first delete IDM from the system tray icon or from the task manager.

Method 1: Using IDM Trial Reset Software

1. Download IDM Reset First from Link below

IDM Trial Reset

  • Extract the file with the WinRAR tool.
  • Right-click the file and run as administrator reset.exe.
  • Click Trial reset tab and uncheck automatically.
  • Now click the reset IDM trial button now.IDM reset trial
  • After that, a window will appear with IDM informing you that you are being a 30-day trial.
  • Click register, then click IDM Register now.idm register
  • Enter your name and click ok

After completing the reset and register process as mentioned above, you can now open the installed IDM. Now, try using IDM to download files from the Internet. Hopefully, the Problem will solve fake IDM serial numbers using this software.

If fake IDM serial number notifications still appear. Therefore, you can try to do other ways.

Method 2: By Cleaning Regedit

At first, Open run (Press ” Windows Key + R ” together from your keyboard to open the run dialogue box.) Now type “regedit” without quotation. If it shows a message, then click the ” YES ” button.

regeditNow, open ( HKEY_CURRENT_USER >>> Software >>>  Download Manager ),  then you see ” CheckUpdtVM ” or ” StlmmMsg ” . Double click on this message and change the value from  1 to 0.

registry editorNote: If ” CheckUpdtVM ” does not exist, then create a new ” String Value ” with the name ” CheckUpdtVM ” and set the value = 0.

Now restart ” IDM ” or restart your PC.

Method 3: Tweak with IDM files.

1. Open the explorer window and navigate to the ‘Internet Download Manager‘ folder in the program file.

Open the ‘Internet Download Manager’ folder to see a list of files as shown below:

idm fake key problem fix2. In the open window, find and delete the file ‘IDMGrHlp.exe‘. And copy ‘idmBroker.exe‘ from the same folder and paste it in the same folder.

3. After you are done with Step two. Now rename the file copied from ‘idmBroker.exe‘ to ‘IDMGrHlp.exe‘ as shown below:

idmbroker trick4 Now the final step is to restart your system to apply this effect and enjoy uninterrupted downloads.

Method 4: Editing the Host File

1. Open the explorer window and navigate to the folder> ‘ C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ etc\’.

This folder contains 5 files which are ‘hosts‘ files.

2. Right-click on the file followed by Open With >> Notepad.

resolve IDM fake key3. After you open this file in Notepad. In my case, I use ‘Notepad ++’ it makes no difference.

Now just copy the line of code below and paste it after the last line in the ‘hosts’ file.

Your code looks like this:

Your code looks like this:4. Now restart your system to see the effect. Enjoy uninterrupted downloads.

Note: If you cannot edit the host file then use the trick to edit the host file that has a Read-only property.

These four tricks will allow you to use IDM without having to register IDM on the internet.


Finally, an Internet download manager is Activated fully and also there is no Fake Serial Number Error popup show. You can also solve this issue by downloading the original serial number from this website.

If you are satisfied with the method please share it with your friends and family.

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