The consequences of these activities will be enjoyable and memorable, but they won’t genuinely foster teamwork unless the team bonding is already quite positive. Team building events are a pleasant way for teams to spend time together and may be an enjoyable memorable occasion.

So how do you pick corporate team-building events?

Team events or activities can be categorized into three primary categories. I’ve listed them below, along with the scenarios in which each one will work best.

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1. Team activities for small teams

Activities for the small teams include any shared experience whose main goal is to simply allow the group to have fun together. These kinds of activities are enjoyable and fairly affordable as long as you have a small group and a generally positive environment inside the group.

Here, your ingenuity is your only constraint so that you can indulge in the usual activities like bowling and golf (or miniature golf). In Singapore, there are numerous locations where your group can have dinner and play pool, arcade games, etc. You might take the day off and visit a theme park or go to dinner and a performance.

2. Activities for medium size teams

Theme parks, bowling alleys, large resort hotels, cooking schools, racetracks (racing schools), etc. are examples of businesses that specialize in these kinds of activities.

These types of team activities can be inefficient once your group size exceeds 20 people, or if you have a particular issue within your group that you want to improve, such as communication difficulties, a new team leader, groups that have merged, or other team issues. Therefore, be cautious unless you have a small group and a fairly strong team atmosphere already.

Many people believe that classrooms are boring because, for the majority of our life, if we are in a classroom, we are either completely or extremely bored. Good team-building organizations and their instructors, however, are energetic and enjoyable. Teams that hire experienced facilitators to lead these classroom sessions can significantly enhance many team-building exercises in a short amount of time. Since people learn more quickly when they are having fun, a group might achieve great things and believe that their time was well spent.

When a group is aiming to achieve a particular team goal, such as when a firm combines with another and the leaders are trying to establish a new team culture, or when the leadership has changed and the new leaders want to start over, this kind of corporate team building event works well.

These events work particularly well in those kinds of time windows if you have quarterly meetings, annual meetings, or breakout sessions at your annual conference at work. If a keynote address slot at your conference or meeting is available, you can also invite these facilitators to perform.

3. Team activities for large groups

These events are pretty similar to the small-group team events mentioned above, but they are a lot, lot, lot harder to execute. For instance, if your company consists of eight people, you could rent two lanes at a bowling alley or organize two foursomes on a golf course, and everyone would be engaged the entire time. However, suppose you try the same activities with 100 or 1000 participants. In that case, many people will be watching (doing nothing and getting bored) at any given time unless the facilitators are truly skilled in what they are doing.

Therefore, if you have a sizable group and you want your team to be enjoyable and active, this is where you should seriously consider investing in a reputable team-building business. By the way, DO NOT let your event planner make this choice.

Event planners are quite skilled at arranging elaborate events, securing excellent hotel rates, making sure the food is suitable for the crowd, etc., but many of them will go above and beyond to satisfy clients (you). Therefore, if you request a particular team-building activity, they will oblige even if the outcome is subpar for your group.

Asking two important questions can help your group choose the perfect event. Are you searching for a specific behavior change? is the first question. If so, employ a team-oriented keynote speaker or a team-building organization that focuses on in-person team training.

Do you have a large or small group, is the second inquiry? Take everyone bowling if the group is tiny and you just want them to have a good time. Hire a business that specializes in huge charitable team-building events or enjoyable corporate activities if you have a large group and you just want them to have fun.

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