People are appreciating the efforts made in creating animated videos. It becomes easy to comprehend concepts when the animation fun is combined with some education. If you need to improve work efficiency, an online animation maker can help you achieve that. 

Working efficiently here can mean improving the work strategies or using animation makers that help in easing the video creation task. If you want to create a short video for your business environment or explain how specific concepts can improve the overall work, here are the top five animations for that. 

You will see how you can use an animated video maker to improve working strategies by delivering the lessons in animated form.  

Five Top Animation Makers for Work Efficiency Improvement 

  • Doratoon Online Animation Maker

Animation Makers

You can now create animation online, thanks to the web-based platforms available. We are however focusing on the best, and Doratoon leads the list. All you need to start is to create an account, and the rest will fall into place. 

Being web-based means you only need an updated browser and internet connection. There are many features to utilize, but you need somewhere to start. 

Doratoon offers numerous tutorials which are in different categories. So, you can watch a few to see how things are done. There is more information on the Help Center page where you get tutorials on how to approach different animation tactics. 

The Doratoon library consists of animated characters, background music, and more. They help those who don’t know what to use on their animations. Later on, you can include the business themes to have animations that concur with the working culture. 

Depending on what you need to create animation for the work efficiency improvement, here are some of the features you get from Doratoon: 

  • Pre-defined animation characters: The animations are already drawn for you, and all you need is to drag and drop to start using them. That’s a great way to get started before knowing how well you can utilize the whiteboard. 
  • Background music and sound: There are music samples for you to use in the background. There are also sound outputs for the voiceovers, and all you need is to select the best one. If you don’t have a perfect song to place in the background or sound, Doratoon has your back. 
  • AI dubbing: You can convert text input to sound with Doratoon. That’s what we call AI dubbing and that, again, assists those who don’t have voiceovers for the animated video. 
  • Compatible video formats: The animations created can output in multiple formats. So, whether you are sharing it manually or directly to the social platforms, your audience will be able to play the animation without compatibility problems. 
  • PPT to video conversion: Do you have a PowerPoint that you can use to explain a few points at work or showcase skills to people out there in your niche? Well, Doratoon can aid in making it better by converting it into a video. You can convert the whole PowerPoint or select the pages you need to convert. 

Doratoon will help you create the animated video and share it on different platforms. All the social apps are included here, and you can also upload the animation on YouTube directly. So, once you join your account, you will log out after everything from creation to sharing is done. 

How to Use Doratoon Animation Maker 

Step 1: Create an account on Doratoon. It’s free of charge. 

Step 2: Login and view a few tutorials to help you get started. 

Step 3: Visit the ‘Workbench’ via the top navigation to start working on your animation. 

Step 4: Use the tools on the left panel to add characters and on the created space. If you have pictures, voiceovers, or music you would like to use, you can upload them on Doratoon. 

Step 5: Once you finish, share the video on social media and YouTube. You can also download and share it manually or use it on your website. 

  • Renderforest 

You can also use Renderforest to create animations quickly without much effort. You can use it to make animation videos and logos, slideshows, and anything else that suits your business environment. 

It’s free to use, and you can export HD content either manually or by sharing without any limitations. There are many templates that you can customize and enable you to create quick presentations and explainer videos. 

  • Google Web Designer 

The Google web designer is a tool meant to produce high-quality HTML5 content. There are motion graphics to utilize, compatible with all internet-enabled devices. The HTML5 tool now has the module to create animations and related interactive content. 

There is no coding required, which welcomes everyone who would like to use it. The best part is that you can use the animations almost anywhere once you create them. 

  • Animate CC

This animation maker suits businesses needing a quicker way to get the job done. The applicable niches here include web, apps, and games. There are also more channels to export the created content. 

With Animate CC, you can move the animations to HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Adobe AIR, and more. The social media sharing part is also not left out. You can also create web banners using pressure-sensitive brushes. 

What you create can reach out to those using PCs, smartphones, and even the TV. 


Lastly, we have, which will help you create the cartoon video you need using the pre-defined characters and other inputs. Before accessing the platform, you have to get a call for the briefing, and then you can begin the process. 

All those with animation videos ideas can start from the first step, including writing the script. After that, everything is integrated to produce the desired output. 


If you want to improve your work in creating animations, consider our five animation maker options above. They are all recommendable since you don’t need much effort to start using them, and the output is high-quality. 

Start with Doratoon if you need quick animated videos for your job. You don’t need to download anything apart from the animated video you will create if you need to share it somewhere else manually. Otherwise, you can upload it directly to social media and YouTube while on the platform. 

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