TikTok is a famous, short-form video-sharing social media app with higher user engagement than the other prominent social media platforms. The short-video app was one of the most downloaded applications in Apple’s iOS app store. The app has a billion active users globally, which also increases every month.

The billion-user platform helps brands to maximize their reach with their target market. If you are a newbie on TikTok, your initial videos will not receive enough recognition. In that case, you can download and watch some top creators’ TikTok videos for further inspiration to create exceptional content. For that, you can use TikScoop and download your favorite videos. This will also help you download videos within minutes.

The TikTok platform comprises audiences of different age groups, but the most active users are teenagers. One of the interesting TikTok factors is its unique algorithm that provides customized feed to each and every individual TikTok user.

Are you wondering how the TikTok algorithm works? How will you take advantage of it to grow your business? Then let’s discuss 5 ideas to crack the TikTok algorithm for your business:

What is the TikTok Algorithm?

It is a recommendation system that tailors a user’s For You Page. TikTok algorithm is the driving force behind TikTok’s popularity and growth among different social media users.

The algorithm chooses which videos to feature on a user’s FYP. It also ensures that each TikTok user has a highly personalized experience. Every user has totally different videos suggested on their For You Page. A user’s watch preferences and previous searches are some factors that help the TikTok algorithm determine which types of content to display in their FYP.

#1 Create Compelling and Concise Videos

The very first tip to remember when trying to hack the TikTok algorithm is to create compelling and concise TikTok videos. Instead of creating pay-per-click advertising or promotional videos for your brand, you must create content that looks like you are sharing your brand’s story. So keep your videos short, appealing, and authentic.

You can follow several top brands in your niche, watch some of their famous content, and see how they create short videos to attract audiences. If you want, download some of their videos using the free tiktok video downloader to watch later for inspiration. You can also watch those videos offline.

According to a recent TikTok survey, more than 50% of users felt a closer connection to brands that publish unfiltered, reliable content. Are you a startup company? If yes, highlight your brand’s collaborations in fun and entertaining videos recorded directly using your phone. Are you a clothing brand? If yes, then post a time-lapse video of creating your products, or try the latest trend that is going on. The TikTok algorithm prefers videos that are authentic over filtered videos.

#2 Develop a Solid Hashtag Strategy

Building a strong hashtag strategy is important to cracking the TikTok algorithm. These hashtags may help you focus on your target niche, so choose relevant and generic hashtags.

For example, if you are a fitness page, you can use generic hashtags like #workout and #fitnessgoals and specific hashtags like #cardiac and #absworkout. Use more common and famous hashtags as well as more niche-specific hashtags.

#3 Try TikTok Trends and In-App Features

TikTok prioritizes content that uses its in-app features like editing tools and fun filters. You can use TikTok’s in-app features by tapping the + symbol at the bottom of your home screen. And then, choose the “Effects” symbol on the bottom left side.

The TikTok Algorithm automatically takes your videos to people’s FYP if you are using the app’s filters and effects. So rather than using outside editing tools, try using TikTok’s fun editing features.

Create videos based on the latest trends that are going on. It is a smart idea for your brand to take part in trends. Whether it is viral trends or challenges, there is always something new and trending on TikTok that you can use for your business. If you participate in a trend, utilize famous audio, add relevant hashtags, and then your videos will be added to that specific hashtag’s page. That allows both the TikTok algorithm and users to find your videos timely and engaging.

#4 Post on the Ideal Time to Gain Engagement

Find the optimal time to post your videos on the TikTok platform. By doing so, your content’s visibility will increase right away. And the more visibility your content gets, the more user engagement you will gain. Additionally, search for some famous videos in your niche, download them authentically with TikScoop, and watch them to get different content ideas. And then, create different content and post them at the right time when your target viewers are active.

The ideal posting time might vary depending on your targeted audiences on TikTok. But based on a recent study held by a magazine, the ideal posting time on the TikTok platform is from 6 to 10 AM and 7 to 11 PM.

#5 Utilize Trending Music

TikTok is an app that focuses mainly on music and is one of the social media networks that supports audio searches. Hence, it is no surprise that the music you select plays a huge role in how easily audiences can find your videos on TikTok. When a user likes a particular video, TikTok’s algorithm will recommend videos that utilize the same sound or music.

You can find the trending sound or a track on TikTok’s music library. So if you incorporate a trending song or music in your videos, it will help to increase your content’s visibility. If you use sounds that are not in TikTok’s music library, it will reduce your overall watch rate. So, use TikTok’s sounds and tracks to improve your engagement and average watch rate.

Final Lines

TikTok algorithm is personalized based on every user’s interactions, interests, and watch preferences. And also, every user’s For You Pages are different. If you want your videos to end up on your audience’s For Your feed, it is important to create content that satisfies TikTok’s algorithm.

With the proper combination of consistency and authenticity, it is possible to crack the TikTok algorithm. Additionally, use the above ideas to crack the TikTok algorithm for your business.

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