Various factors make the speed of your internet slow and decrease the performance of your computer. The speed of your internet can be affected by the type of internet connection you install at your home or workplace. Therefore, it is important to understand the type of connections that are available in the market.

Different types of internet connections include the following:


This type of internet connection is not that common anymore as it is the slowest type of internet connection that uses a telephone line to establish connectivity.


DSL is an internet connection that is provided by an internet service provider with the help of a telephone network. It is important to note that fact that DSL connection does not use your telephone line to establish connectivity with the internet, which means that you can use your telephone and internet service simultaneously.


Cable internet is commonly used by transmission over television cable and is much faster than DSL and Dial-up internet.

Fibre Optic:

Fibre Optic internet service uses copper lines to connect your device to the internet and transmits faster internet speed than other connections. Many service providers offer different and multiple options to their customers depending on the area they live in.

Wireless Internet Connection:

Wireless internet is the most common internet service used today because it is capable of connecting your devices to the internet without any wires, which means that it is convenient and simple. In addition to this, Sprint internet connection delivers high-speed internet service to its users making it one of the most successful innovations of all times.

Factors that make your internet speed slow:

1. Viruses and Spyware:

The speed of your internet can also be affected due to the issues on your computer as the health and life of the device matters a lot. In addition to this, the add-on programs in your computer take up storage space making your computer work slower than before.

Viruses and spyware are other causes that can decrease the performance of your internet, making the speed of the internet slower and unreliable. Spyware can make your system slow as it interferes with your internet browser and disrupts your internet connection. To get rid of the spyware on your computer, you need to install an anti-spyware program on your computer with the latest updates to prevent such harmful attacks on your PC.

Viruses on your computer can cause poor internet performance as well. Whenever your computer gets infected by a virus, it automatically installs a code on your device which propagates itself and sends multiple copies through email or other messaging platforms.

Moreover, downloading files from untrustworthy websites and opening unknown links can be harmful to your computer as well because these files and links can contain dangerous viruses and spyware and infect your computer badly.

2. Obstructions:

The location of your Wi-Fi matters a lot because high walls, glass surfaces, and metal pipes can seriously cause your internet to work slowly.

3. Computer Condition:

When your computer becomes old, it might not catch the signals of the Wi-Fi connection and it might have less storage memory to ensure fast internet speed service.

4. Software:

You need to update the software on your computer regularly because the latest version of the operating system would contain all the necessary updates that are required to increase the security measures of the computer.

5. External Factors:

External factors can also affect the performance of your internet connection such as traffic, website development/renovation, local internet problems due to climatic conditions, etc. The external factors are not in your control so there nothing that you can do about it. In such a difficult time, it is advisable to be patient enough and deal with the problem with ease and comfort.


To make sure that your internet connection is not affected by the aforementioned factors, get your services from a reliable provider that offers complete protection of your network. For instance, Spectrum Internet comes with a security suite that protects you from online threats and external factors.

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