Smartphones are intelligent machines that can perform some nifty tasks. You can connect with a person on the other side of the world using your smartphone; they can track your health and locations; and keep you virtually connected to everything. However, there are a few things that they are still not capable of unless aided by a smart app.

One such situation arises when you are not a part of a gathering but still don’t want to miss out on all the gossips behind you. Or if you are a concerned parent, you would want to know what your boy is doing at the friend’s party. For these and plenty of other reasons, recording the surroundings of a phone becomes necessary.

Why You Need an Ambient Recording App

We carry phones with us all the time. They are omnipresent wherever we go. Whenever we have a meeting, informal gatherings or parties, smartphones are accompanying us. There have been cases when someone leaks your confidential information to your rival. This sits perfectly in the case of employees. We can simply use a remote call recording software to monitor our employee calls, but what if the person conveys the information personally? How would you get down to the truth? This is when an ambient recording app jumps in for your help. By giving a simple command, such an app can remotely record the surroundings of the person for as much time as you want.

As mentioned earlier, there are call recorders in the market that can record the conversations during a call but not many solutions are there to record the surroundings of a person with their phone. Remotely doing it is a tough task, so usually, people have to use actual recording devices and place them in rooms. We did a desk search and found that XNSPY is currently the best ambient recording app available that you could try.

Why Use Xnspy?

The app you choose for recording surroundings is crucial. If you are using such an app for the first time, then it is necessary for you to know that internet is marred with hundreds of apps that claim to do wonders but do not perform when used. Some of the issues that users face while using these apps are related to their installation, compatibility, and the very feature of the ambient recording itself. Some apps do not offer clear recording and often the recordings are full of noise and interruptions.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the app you choose qualifies the criteria of an efficient ambient recorder. Xnspy is one of the very few apps that checks all the boxes for a good ambient recording app. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Xnspy:

  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android
  • Can be installed on iOS 11 and Android Oreo 8.0
  • It can record surroundings for half an hour in a single session
  • No limits of recording so give as many commands as you want to record
  • Offers 30+ spying and monitoring features other than surround recording

How to Install Xnspy’s Ambient Recorder?

For this to work, all you would need to do is to install the app by following the installation process given below and start recording the conversations remotely.

Following is a brief account of the installation process to use Xnspy:

a)  Subscribe to the app: Xnspy is a paid app, so you would first need to subscribe to it before using it. To subscribe, you’ll visit their website and click on the “Buy Now” option on the top right corner of the window. Choose the “Premium” package as the ambient recording feature only comes with this package. You can choose any plan of your choice from the given three options. Fill in some basic information to move to the next step. Remember can only be subscribed through their official website; do not pay through other means or you may land in a scam.

b)  Download Xnspy: Now that you have subscribed to the app, you will receive an email containing your login credentials, a download link, and some user instructions. Now get hold of the target Android phone and use this download link on the browser to start downloading the app. This would not take more than 3-4 minutes as the app size is small. After you have finished downloading it, install Xnspy on the target phone. Once it is installed, it will completely disappear in the background leaving no trace of the installation at all.

c)  Set up your account: You have to sign in to your online Xnspy account to access the ambient recording feature. Use the login details sent to your email box earlier on the login screen. It will direct you to the main menu of your Xnspy account which is also called the Dashboard. Use the manual sent to your email or contact their 24/7 customer support if you encounter any problem logging in or setting up the app.

XnspyFigure 1: Your Xnspy account login screen

Recording Conversations Using Xnspy’s Ambient Recording App

After completing the setup, you are all set to use the app. Follow these steps to record the surroundings of a phone:

  • In your Xnspy account, you will see a list of features on the left side of the screen. Right at the bottom just above the Settings option, you will see “Remote Control” option.

Figure 2: Click on the Remote Control feature

  • Clicking on the remote control feature will display a list of functions in the center of the screen. The first option here will be “Record Surround.”
  • When you click on the record surround option, a dialogue box will appear asking the number of minutes you wish to record. Enter any number no more than 30 and press “Record.”

Figure 3: Enter the number of minutes you wish to record

  • Xnspy will start recording the surroundings and upload the recorded file in your Xnspy account.
  • If you want to listen to the recording, click on the “Record surround” option on the features list. It will display a list of recordings with their time, date, and duration mentioned above them.

Figure 4: Click on the file to listen to the surroundings

  • Click on any file and start listening to the recording.

As mentioned before, Xnspy is not just an ambient recording app. It is a complete monitoring solution that offers location tracking, social media monitoring, calls, and SMS monitoring, remote control surveillance and many more features. So if you want to access all the information in someone’s phone, Xnspy is the best hack you can use.


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