Regular gamers using ordinary mice might wonder what the need for a gaming mouse is and why it is necessary to consider it for their gaming laptop. Many gamers ignore that an ordinary mouse can affect your overall performance during your gaming sessions without them recognizing. It is supposed to give you the balance so that your gaming experience can be improved and your rigs a show off.

Game Mouse

Any gamers mouse is made to improve your gaming sessions. It does this by customizing the sensitivity of the mouse, changing its Dots Per Inch, And other various options that are discussed below for a better and smoother operation during your gaming session.

For an excellent gamer to buy a gaming mouse, they must understand how it works, what it is, and the things that bring it into existence such as :

Dots Per Inch.

Technically, DPI also stands for pixels per inch, which is a measurement used to show how much the gaming mouse is sensitive to. The more a mouse has DPI, the more the cursor will move on the screen when you touch it. Hence a gaming mouse that has more fabulous DPI settings, the more it will be responsive and reactive to any movements, even the smaller ones. This is an essential component.

All of the available mice will always apply to these measurements that have a laser and optical tracking mouse. With a higher DPI, a gamer can also be able to zoom in the cursor at more top speed than a regular mouse. The DPI will also help a gamer in encountering very speedy turnarounds and also in taking their shots very fast so that they can shoot their targets accurately on the screen.

Design and grip types.

Many different types define the grip, such as the palm, claw, and tip grip. Any computer company manufacturing these gaming mice will always study the hand of a human being and how they hold the mouse for different purposes.

The palm grip works in that the gamer’s palm and fingers rest on the mouse and enable you to make slower arms movement more than the wrists. This allows the cursor to move a lot more smoothly and very accurately.

The claw grip also allows your finger to grasp the mouse and push it around towards your palm, thus minimizing the contact with the mouse in your lower surface.

The tip grip type of mouse is scarce to find and very difficult to master. The tip of the mouse never touches the palm of your hand. This is essential since you will move the mouse by using the highest sensitivity and respond very fast.

All of these designs will benefit different types of players during their gaming sessions. 

Polling rates.

Gaming mice are built to be highly reactive and precise to any movement. The number of times the gaming laptop will ask the mouse where the cursor will be is called the polling rate. It is measured in Hz such that if a gaming mouse has a 500Hz frequency, it will report its position to your computer every 2 milliseconds.

However, a higher polling rate will need a more robust CPU since it will have to ask the mouse its position a lot of times.

Sensor quality.

The sensor quality profoundly defines how the gaming mouse will react, whether it be accurate, act jittery, and respond very fast. The mouse’s sensor must match the exact movement authorized by the hand to enable the gamer to find their target fast efficiently enough.

There are two types of sensors currently in use, such as the LEDs and the laser. Each of them uses the same technology delivering the same function. The oldest being LEDs, lasers, are known to be very precise and have high acceleration. They can track no matter how rough the surface is.


The above being the most considered factors while looking into a gaming mouse, don’t forget to consider whether you’d like a wired or wireless mouse. However, a wired gaming mouse is the best option you should look into. They are very pocket friendly, and their USB enables a much more responsive and stable connection for the best gaming experience and excellent performance.

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