As technology has continued to grow, advance, and develop, many industries have had a chance to grow, expand, flourish, and online casinos are no different, with over 2800 casinos operating worldwide. However, as technology has become increasingly sophisticated, there has been a downside, so too have the scammers and criminals looking to obtain potentially sensitive information from players and customers. As a result, online casinos have had to take extra care to ensure that their sites are safe and secure and that any details obtained are entirely protected, free from hackers, and safe from fraud.

Casino security is an important issue, not only for the sites themselves, who could face the wrong end of a lawsuit if they are seen to be being lax with security but, most importantly, to the customers. Ultimately, players and visitors to casinos must trust the site completely; there is even the slightest doubt there are plenty of other options to try. With this in mind, any Fun casino review should include plenty of details about the safety and security measures in place – these are some of the most important aspects of your visit and need to be highlighted in any review.

Are There Really Any Security Risks? 

While all casinos will do their best to ensure that their customers are secure, it must be noted that approximately 30,000 websites are hacked every single day, all across the world. This is a figure which covers all manner of websites – including online casinos. We also mentioned how online casinos are only increasing in number – statistically, this puts them at a far higher risk of being hacked or compromised somehow. Cybersecurity is a significant concern, primarily when certain groups focus on bringing down and hacking online casinos, such as Chinese hackers targeting online gambling sites in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe in 2019. This situation helped expose many of the security risks present in online casinos and the vast amounts of work that had to be done to keep sites safe and secure. As technology continues to grow and expand, there is an increasing number of options available to online casinos – the issue is that the number of sites continues to expand, making the task feel never-ending.

What Is Technology Available?

The rising threat from several cybercriminals has resulted in casinos employing increasingly sophisticated technology to keep themselves and customers safe. There are a few main types of tech, and we will explore these in greater detail below. Keen to stay safe? Read on to discover the total tech options, and enjoy total peace of mind every time you play.

  • Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology originated in the retail industry, where it was trendy. Over time, casinos and gambling sites have started to follow suit and, despite a slow start, are not adopting blockchain technology with aplomb. Blockchain technology is predominantly praised for its extremely high levels of security; a blockchain is created using a string of numbers, and, once it is in existence, it cannot be changed by anyone. As a result, it is solid against hackers, as they are unable to interfere with the blockchain or enter their own code to confuse the system potentially. Also, blockchain has long been touted for an extremely transparent nature and a decentralized system that removed the power from a single sole entity. As a result of this, compromising the security of any online casino is much harder for potential saboteurs.

  • 128 and 256-bit Encryption

When you read any casino review, there is a high chance that you will encounter discussions of 128 and 256-bit encryption – but what does this mean in terms of security? In short, both 128 and 256-bit encryption transform their players’ financial and personal information into strings of code – which are super unbreakable. This security makes it much harder for hackers to obtain sensitive information and offers an extra level of reassurance and security. As a bonus, this is the high level of encryption and security that many financial institutions use, which gives you extra peace of mind. To check if your casino is encrypted, look at the start of the web address – an encrypted site will start with HTTPS.

  • Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a CDN (content delivery network), which is so secretive, they will not even reveal the names of the casinos using their product – now that’s what we call high security! A /CDN-CGI/trace does, however, reveal that Cloudflare is in common use by an increased number of sites, and this is not surprising given the super-high levels of security. Cloudflare offers IP Access Rules and Zone Lockdown and protects against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and provision of web application firewalls (WAF). In short, Cloudflare offers an all-in-one service, perfect for players who desire intense security.

The Future

The online casino industry is one that only looks set to grow; sadly, this will only increase the number of potential cyber-criminals looking to get their hands on players’ cash. Fortunately, technology seems to be keeping pace, and brand innovations and developments are appearing every day to keep you totally safe and secure.

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