Birthdays are worthy events to celebrate, which has many people lamenting about COVID-19 dampening their celebration plans that only come around once a year. It’s a wonderful occasion where people who love you come around to celebrate the anniversary that you were brought into existence, so it’s definitely not something people are keen to miss! Fret not, for we are here to present some creative alternative solutions to birthday gestures that also respect social distancing rules.

Of course, they cannot measure up to the same magic that physical get-togethers provide, but these can do until we bide out the pandemic which is when you can finally host the grandest of parties to make up for the times missed. And if you’re a fan of online gambling and want to play with your friends to celebrate, do check out Cassava bingo sites.

Virtual Birthday Parties

Sending love from far away

If you are living far away from your birthday peep and still want to be able to have them receive your love outside of a regular text message or video call, there are still many ways you can do so, especially if you had sneakily gotten their address beforehand for the very purpose of sweet surprises.

Pop ‘em a card

It’s 2020 and cards no longer just come in their physical forms! Try sending a cute e-card this time, if you didn’t have time to find and write a proper one beforehand. This is a good alternative if you don’t live close enough to be able to drop your card into their letterbox, or live oceans away from your loved one and have minimal faith in an international mailing.

Drop a birthday video montage

Ah yes the video montage of birthday wishes, a guaranteed tear-jerker with emotional music in the background featuring the many faces of the one’s dearest to them. It’s usually done by asking everybody to submit their recorded wishes to the host who would also be the one in charge of compiling the clips together.

If you are worried about no one in the group being a skilled enough video editor, Tribute is a service that you can consider! You can send everybody a prompt to upload their clips onto the platform, where you can then reorder the videos and have them presented in the form of a card too! This present would be a sure keeper that everyone can look back on years down the road.

Surprise them with a bottle

Surprise them with a bottle

For those who love to celebrate big days with a good drink and quality company, there are many services that can help you deliver your bottles of liquor right to your doorstep! Send your friend a nice drink and say ‘cheers’ over a video call while you catch up on good old times and make post-pandemic outing plans.

For those with a sweet tooth

Many local businesses have taken a big hit with the pandemic, so kill two birds with one stone by supporting small bakery businesses and surprising your friend with sweet treats! You can have a cake, cupcake, cookie, or ice cream delivered, and see why they say that food is the way to a person’s heart.

There is power in numbers

Besides dropping your loved ones memorable gifts, group celebrations can still take place with some creativity! With how everyone has had to be kept into the confines of their homes, it can be extremely rewarding to experience the chaos of reuniting with your group to recover some well missed social energy.

Zoom parties

Host a Zoom party for the VIP by secretly inviting everyone else into the call before their arrival. You can ready everyone when they are requesting to be accepted into the call, and greet them with a hopefully well-coordinated birthday song.

Netflix party and chill

If your loved one and you have been meaning to watch a film or series together, now is the time. Chrome now has a Netflix Party extension that synchronizes playbacks, meaning that everyone that has checked in with the invite link can play and pause the show and write in the chat window. Enjoy a chill day binging on films and discussing your theories and thoughts!

Consider a sweaty celebration

Consider a sweaty celebration

Exercise and staying active have been proven to keep us happy by increasing the production of endorphins, dopamine, and adrenaline. Get everyone together for a good workout or join in one together! In the pandemic, many yoga studios, gyms, and trainers have moved to the virtual sphere to offer free live streams. After a good sweat session, why not regroup in a Zoom call and have some brunch together?

Virtual museum tour

Yoga trainers aren’t the only ones moving onto the virtual world, museums, zoos, and theme parks are too! If your group enjoys celebrating in an outing, you can consider joining in virtual tours at the Louvre, the San Diego Zoo, and the Vatican.

Surprise visit

If you own a car, surprise your friend by decorating it extravagantly with balloons and banners and make a fashionable drive through right in front of their house! Give them a ring when you’ve reached and belt out the best birthday song once they enter the driveway, and soak in the beam that would be on their face!

Bring out your inner songwriter

It doesn’t matter if you’re musically talented or not, singing has always been one of the best ways we humans have bonded. Gather a few friends and whatever musical instruments you may have, and surprise your friend with a live band session with a musical dedication just for them! It doesn’t have to be perfect in the presentation because it’s the thought that counts.

Make it an occasion to doll up

Most of us have probably become quite tired of fashioning pyjamas and bed hair for weeks on end during the pandemic. The best thing you could do is make this birthday celebration an opportunistic occasion for everyone to get dressed and dolled up! Look good, feel good, and set fun themes of the Zoom party for everyone to dress up for! Some themes you can consider could be Hollywood, masquerade, or the 90’s.


With all these choices that technology and services afford us, compromise your birthday celebrations no more and start planning creatively to enjoy the party from the comforts of your own home! Let your loved ones know that you love and appreciate them with the smallest gestures, and make promises for the future meetings to come!


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