get rid of malwareHey, viewers, this is kamal, Are you Virus can remove from PC without using any Antivirus software or tools.So In this article, I’m going to show how to scan & Get Rid Of malware from your PC without using any antivirus software.

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What is Virus?

A PC or laptop virus is a software, script, or macro designed to purpose damage, hack personal information, alter records, send e-mail, show messages, or a few combination of those moves.

While the virus is executed, it spreads through copying itself into or over records files, packages, or boot zone of a computer’s hard force, or probably something else writable.

To help spread an infection the virus writers use specific information of protection vulnerabilities, zero days, or social engineering to advantage access to a host’sPCc.

How To Protect Your PC Against Virus?

You can defend your PC from viruses by using putting in an antivirus safety software. As soon as established on a PC or laptop an antivirus video display units, detects, and cleans any PC or laptop viruses by means of seeking out virus signatures.

you can also use online tools to check malware, spyware, virus on your PC but you need a good internet connection for uploading files to their the web server.

As antivirus software costs some money you can scan you PC without using any software by using a small trick

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Steps To Scan And Remove Virus Without Any Software

To scan your computer without any antivirus software by a simple trick. Go to my computer right click on it and point to properties.

Now click on advanced system settings and then go to system protection

scan without antivirusAfter going to system protection you can see system restore as shown below:

How To Scan And Get Rid Of Malware, Virus From PC Without Using Antivirus Software

Click on system restore

Now a new tab appears as  Restore system files and settings

Now click on next and ten clicks on ” scan for affected programs “”

scan without antivirus

Now your computer will scan for any affected software, programs, files in your computer

After scanning of your computer, a new tan will appear I will show you any affected programs, files, software.

How To Scan And Get Rid Of Malware, Virus From PC Without Using Antivirus Software

In my case no file is infected.


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