Free Tools to Permanently Delete Files in Windows


If you are worried about the sensitive data lying on your system or the data that you have deleted could be retrieved by someone then it’s the time to get rid of this data permanently. To do this, you can use reliable file shredder tools for Windows. These smart solutions work on smart algorithms to help you delete your sensitive data permanently so that no one else can access it ever. Let’s discuss some of these effective tools here.

Advanced System Optimizer: Advanced System Optimizer offers advanced Windows file shredder software features in addition to other useful optimizing features for your system. Using its Secure Delete function, you can permanently delete secret and sensitive files & folders. It helps you wipe free space to avoid critical data recovery. In other features, it works as a registry optimizer, disk cleaner, backup & recovery tool and more. If you are looking for reliable file shredder tool for Windows then this is the best solution you can rely upon.

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CCleaner: CCleaner being one of the best cleaning tools for Windows offers a bunch of other useful features as well. Here, you can use its Drive Wiper feature to delete files permanently. To use this feature, open the tool and go to Tools > Drive Wiper. Here, it allows you to wipe only free disk space or the entire drive. Further, it allows you to select security type where you can overwrite your disk up to 35 times. It means data on your disk will be overwritten with random strings of binary code for 35 times. This complex security mechanism makes it impossible for anyone to access the original data on your disk. Once you are ok with the settings, click Wipe and wait for some time to complete the process. Using this powerful tool, you can prevent data recovery from Windows almost impossible.

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Eraser: Eraser is an advanced security tool that works seamlessly on all Windows versions. This Windows files shredder software tool helps you find and remove sensitive data completely from your drive so that no one else can access it ever. Here, it overwrites your data several times with carefully selected patterns to keep your data inaccessible by anyone. You can use this file shredder tool for Windows with any drive that works with Windows. It supports secure drive erasure methods for better results.  You can use this tool to permanently delete files, folders and their previous counterparts. This smart tool works with an extremely customizable scheduler.

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HardWipe: Use HardWipe not just to delete sensitive data but to permanently delete it. Using this tool, you can erase discarded yet sensitive information permanently so that it remains inaccessible to anyone. It helps you wipe internal drives, portable media and instantly shred file data. It can easily integrate with File Explorer for improved user experience. You can use its portable version where you can permanently delete sensitive data using a USB drive. This data shredder for Windows creates a modern boot and nuke data sanitization solution for instant and effective results. Its command line utility delivers flexibility for power users where it integrates with Windows Task Scheduler for easy automation. This free tool allows you to write report logs on disk easily.

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CyberShredder: Use this quick, safe and easy file shredder tool for Windows to erase all confidential files easily on your system. Here, it overwrites the space occupied by the file (that you want to delete) with random data and erases the file permanently. It works on advanced techniques where it ensures that no file recovery tool can recover your data by permanently deleting it. It works on the simple yet powerful interface to make work easy for you. It helps you delete files permanently using three different file shredding methods including NSA approved seven-pass file deletion method. While this tool helps you delete files permanently it becomes important to check files twice before deletion.

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Conclusion: Using data shredder tools for Windows, you can permanently delete sensitive data and prevent data recovery from Windows by any means. These tools offer you a reliable solution to deal with secret and sensitive data instantly. Here, we have discussed some of these tools in detail. If you know more such file shredder tools for Windows, feel free to comment below.


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