The world of video games is currently waiting eagerly for the launch of a number of new titles before the end of the ongoing year. In that long list, one of the notable names is the FIFA 18. A lot of things related to the new edition of the game in the FIFA franchise have already been revealed, and that has made the fans really excited about what the eventual FIFA 18 features will turn out to be. And here we are with a glimpse of the features of the game that we might come across when the game gets launched.

fifa 18

But before we get into the features of the game FIFA 18, let’s have a look at the FIFA 18 release date and all that has been making rounds related to that. The game will be up for grabs in the month of September. In fact, it will be on September 29 that the gamers will be able to play the game for the first time. Along with the FIFA release date, it has also been revealed that the game will have Cristiano Ronaldo as the cover star. There were a number of numbers which were making rounds before the final announcement was made. But once EA Sports came out with the announcement, the fans have been pretty satisfied with what they have got.

Now getting into what the FIFA 18 features, it can be stated at the onset that it is certainly going to be one of the best editions that the gamers have come across. At least the gamers are having such high expectations about the game. The arrival of the Frostbite engine already made things much better, and with FIFA 18 Game set to be released soon, things are going to get even better.

The trailer for the FIFA 18 Journey Mode has already shown a lot of things that have hinted at new features that are going to come in. It can be noticed that there are a number of lanes in the South American cities. This has clearly hinted that FIFA 18 Journey Mode will see the story getting a further expansion. The gamers have been looking forward to that, and with the clues which they have got, it is understandable that they have currently gone crazy about the game.

Along with the Journey Mode, another highlight of all that has been revealed related to the FIFA 18 features is the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. This mode will see the legends of the game making a comeback to the scenario which is simply outstanding for any gamer. In the trailer for the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, we have seen Diego Maradona, Pele, Ronaldo, Lev Yashin and Thierry Henry making an appearance. So it can be predicted that there are lots of things in store for all those who are waiting with eagerness for the launch of the game.

Wrap Up

All that has been revealed in relation to the game FIFA 18 have made sure that it has managed to maintain the hype that it created before. And from this current situation, it can be stated that things are going to get even better as far as the FIFA 18 features are concerned. The gamers have a lot in store for them, and that’s a certainty.

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