The iOS 11 is one of the most highly anticipated and eagerly awaited operating systems in the world. The last generation of the iOS, the iOS 10, was highly successful in many respects.

Now, with the imminent arrival of the iOS 11, it is only a matter of time before all the details are out of the hat. Before that, we believe that the users will develop an idea of how the new OS will behave, we have decided to shed some light on the iOS 11 theme. One of the best features is the incorporation of the dark mode, also often called the night mode.

How to Activate The Dark Mode in iOS 11

The truth behind the dark mode is simple. As the user of all Apple devices will know, there will come a time when the strains of reading anything on the display screen will be more than obvious.To counter this, Apple’s rivals, one of which is Amazon, as far as the e-reader market is concerned, has already come up with a working night mode, or dark mode which was functioning pretty well.

Now, as we know, Apple is pretty receptive to the ideas and suggestions of the customers, and this time too, they did not disappoint. They too have decided to introduce a night mode for iOS 11.Earlier, the iOS 10 had a similar feature onboard, a feature which it called invert mode. The way the feature worked is relatively simple.

The dark areas on the screen were turned to light areas and the other areas too were affected. Certain colors were inverted too, which is why the feature was called invert mode.

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It had some problems too, for some colors were literally inverted. Blue turned to magenta and red turned to crimson when the colors were inverted. This is why the new method called the Smart Invert feature has been circulated for the users so that they can have a true dark iOS 11 themes for usage at any time of the day or night.

Steps to activate the dark mode in iOS 11

#Step 1. Navigate to settings on your iOS 11 device. Tap next to General.

#Step 2. Next, you must tap on the feature labeled Accessibility. Next, you will have to tap on Display Accommodations.

#Step 3. Now tap on Invert Colors. You will see that after this step, there are two options which present themselves. One is smart invert and the other is classic invert. Out of these, in order to get the correct theme for iOS 11, you will have to turn on Smart Invert.

#Step 4. Toggle the switch now to Smart Invert. This will turn on the dark mode on iOS 11-enabled devices.

Also, note that you can also switch on your device in any circumstances, including on occasions when you are in a darkened place like a movie hall.

Wrap Up

It is very obvious that when it comes to iOS 11 themes, the dark mode or the night mode is one of the most obvious choices. Choosing this theme will help you activate your device without worrying about your battery life.

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